Behind the scenes at the Volvo Penta IPS Med Trip

There’s still nearly a month to go until the Volvo Penta IPS Mediterranean Trip takes off from Palma, Mallorca, but behind the scenes there’s a flurry of activity — and excitement.

Volvo Penta PTA80

When the Volvo Penta IPS Med Tour takes off from Palma, Mallorca, on May 5, the company’s 22.5-meter PTA80 patrol vessel will cover 2,200 nautical miles, making 11 stopovers in five countries over the course of 38 days.

A trip of such magnitude isn’t easy to put together. And it certainly can’t be organized overnight. In fact the Volvo Penta IPS Med Trip has been in the works since last summer’s Channel Tour.

But now, less than a month out, the trip is beginning to take shape. To prepare for the journey, the crew at Volvo Penta’s marine test center, Krossholmen, updated the boat’s Volvo Penta IPS900 and installed new 700 hp D13 engines last week, before putting her through her paces at sea. The boat has also received a fresh coat of paint — in Volvo Penta blue and white.

And on Saturday the PTA80 will depart Krossholmen, near Gothenburg, Sweden, and make a 24-hour trip to Bremerhaven, Germany. There she will be loaded onto a ship and transported to Palma, where she will arrive on April 24.

Klas Karlsson, who works at the test center at Krossholmen, will meet the PTA80 in Palma on May 2 and prepare to captain the boat on the first of the trip’s four legs — Palma to Marseille. He’ll be accompanied by an engineer, as well as members of Volvo Penta’s sales and aftermarket staff. This will be Klas’s third trip, after also captaining the PTA80 during 2011’s Baltic Trip and 2013’s Channel Trip.

“The run-up to these tours is always exciting. I’m looking forward to going out and meeting with customers in their home countries — and showing them the benefits of Volvo Penta IPS,” Klas says. “Our last two tours proved highly popular, and I’m hopeful that this one will also generate a lot of buzz from customers and potential customers.”


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