The PTA80 cruises into Bremerhaven

One leg down, one more to go: Volvo Penta’s PTA80 arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany, on April 16. From there she prepares to depart for Palma, Mallorca — the May 5 launching spot for the Volvo Penta IPS Med Trip.

Despite a few snags, according to Klas Karlsson it’s “so far so good” for the PTA80 in her journey from the Volvo Penta marine test center at Krossholmen, Sweden, to Bremerhaven, Germany. From Bremerhaven she will depart for Palma, Mallorca — her first port of call on the Volvo Penta IPS Med Trip.
PTA80 Krossholmen to Bremerhaven –


Klas, who works at the Volvo Penta marine test center at Krossholmen and who met the boat when she arrived in Bremerhaven on April 16, will also meet the boat in Palma when she arrives on April 24. The PTA80 departed Krossholmen at 7 a.m. April 12 and traveled in tranquil waters via Middelfart, Denmark, arriving in Kiel, Germany, 13 hours later. Bright and early the next morning, she entered the Kiel Canal, which links the Baltic and North Seas. After traveling the 98-kilomter canal for six hours, she moored in Cuxhaven on the North Sea at the mouth of the Elbe River. Taking the Kiel Canal instead of going around the Jutland Peninsula can cut a boat’s journey by an average of 460 kilometers. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. The crew had planned to leave Cuxhaven on April 14, but due to high winds, had to stay over an extra day — losing valuable travel time. Once the boat finally departed on the 16th, she made the 100-kilometer journey to Bremerhaven in 3.5 hours. The PTA80 will be loaded aboard the Mitiq, a yacht transport ship, for passage to Palma on April 22 — which is yet another one-day delay due to earlier loading and unloading problems in Scandinavia. The setbacks are not anticipated to delay the start of the Volvo Penta IPS Med Trip on May 5.

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