En route to Palma!

The countdown to May 5 is on, as the PTA80 makes her way to Palma, Mallorca this weekend.

After a few delays early in the journey from Sweden to Spain, it’s smooth sailing once again for the PTA80 patrol vessel as she makes her way to Palma, Mallorca. The boat was loaded onto the Mitiq, which departed from Bremerhaven, Germany, on April 23. Since departure, the Mitiq has experienced good weather, and today she’s on her way to Southampton.
She will arrive in Palma on May 1 and will be met by Klas Karlsson and several representatives from the local Volvo Penta dealer, Camber Marine, who will unload the PTA80 and get her into the water. She will be cleaned, if necessary, and prepared for her debut seminar on May 5 at Club de Mar Marina in Palma. Ulf Eliasson, part of the marine sales engineering department at Volvo Penta, will join the team from Gothenburg and be the first featured speaker of the Volvo Penta IPS Med Trip. The informational seminar will be followed by an opportunity to test out the PTA80 and take the Volvo Penta IPS system to the high seas.



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