PTA80 forced to make emergency stopover

Despite the PTA80’s early departure from Genova this morning to avoid poor incoming weather, her efforts were in vain — and the vessel and her crew were forced to make an emergency stopover on the west coast of Corsica.

medtrip_stormThe crew of the PTA80 decided to make an unexpected stopover this afternoon, as conditions at sea put a halt to the boat’s journey to Bonifacio. A first-time occurrence on the Volvo Penta IPS Med Trip, the vessel and her crew resigned themselves to an emergency mooring at the western Corsican port of Propriano until weather in the southern region begins to calm.

With dangerously strong winds and waves almost five meters high, the coast guard deemed conditions too severe for the PTA80 to continue on her journey.

Volvo Penta product manager Andrea Piccione made assurances that the Volvo Penta IPS Med trip would attempt to continue on to Bonifacio in the morning. “We’ve been told conditions should improve around noon tomorrow, so until then, we’re going to stay safe in Propriano and wait for the storm to pass,” he says.


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