Sky-high spirits despite Genova’s wet weather

 After two days in Genova, the IPS Med trip continues on to its next destination. With turbulent seas and inclement weather, it’s been a rough stopover. Not necessarily a bad thing for the sea trials, however, when poor weather actually makes for a more comprehensive test drive.


Visitors seemed happy despite the bad weather

On 19th and 20th May, the PTA80 docked in Genova, Italy, for two days of sea trials and seminars. Once a historic maritime port, Genova’s Ponte dei Mille is today home to a technologically advanced cruise terminal which has been developed using ultra-modern and contemporary designs.

Equally cutting-edge is Volvo Penta’s own reason for visiting: the Volvo Penta IPS system is attracting a lot of attention during the company’s trip with the PTA80, and rightly so. With improved fuel economy, better maneuverability and lower overall operating costs, the Volvo Penta IPS is a cut above the rest when it comes to current inboard propulsion systems available on the market today.

Speaking about the Med trip, Andrea Piccione, product manager for Marine Commercial, noted: “Customers have been really impressed by the fact that Volvo Penta is bringing this experience to them in their home ports. I know that some people were a bit skeptical before the trial, but afterwards they were fascinated by the capabilities of Volvo Penta IPS.”

With stormy weather creating choppy waters, customers had the perfect opportunity to test out the advanced functions of Volvo Penta IPS. The joystick driving handled particularly well in tricky conditions, and customers came away impressed by the system’s agility.

With conditions set to only get worse, the crew of the PTA80 decided to make a dawn departure for Bonificio, Corsica, before the bad weather really set in. However the rain didn’t dampen spirits, and the Volvo Penta team left Genova excited about the way Volvo Penta IPS is continuing to impress as the PTA80 makes her way eastward.

End of a busy day


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