PTA80 is back on track

After an impromptu stopover in the southwestern Corsican port of Propriano yesterday, the PTA80 and her crew have been given the all-clear to continue 35 miles south to their destination of Bonifacio.

With winds stilling and the seas looking considerably calmer, the PTA80 and her crew are getting the Volvo Penta IPS Med trip back on track.

Although this emergency stop was a first on the vessel’s Mediterranean voyage, it was hardly a surprise. “We knew the PTA80 had the potential to run into difficulty when we planned this portion of the route,” says Volvo Penta product manager Andrea Piccione. With the southern waters of Corsica notorious for extreme sea conditions, Andrea and the other crew members allowed themselves an extra day, in anticipation of a possible squall.

“At Volvo Penta, it is really important that we are reliable for our customers,” he says. “By giving ourselves some extra latitude, we could ensure that – even with a disruption – we would be in Bonifacio on time ready for the sea trials and seminars.”


Back on track!


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