PTA80 gathers crowds at Bonifacio harbor

Having weathered a few storms, the PTA80 and her crew were back to plain sailing, with two days of successful sea trials conducted in and around the Bonifacio harbor.

Med trip BonifacioWith the vessel making up for lost time on her journey from Propriano to Bonifacio, the crew saw their early arrival as the perfect opportunity to begin a preliminary round of sea trials.

A plain sea but strong winds made for excellent test-driving conditions, when the dynamic positioning system and docking capabilities of Volvo Penta IPS were really put to the test. Despite forceful gusts the joystick kept the boat in a precise position.

Those participating in the sea trials aboard the PTA80 included ferry drivers from the Bonifacio area. “During the high season, these drivers transport over 7,000 passengers a day,” says Volvo Penta product manager Andrea Piccione. “It’s really important that they have a system which is durable and reliable. Everyone was very impressed by the on-board comfort and quiet engine.”

Mr Pepe, responsible for Bonifacio’s commercial harbor, and Mr Mallori, responsible for the town’s leisure marina, were both in attendance during the second day of sea trials – along with the rest of Bonifacio!

“Many people from the town came to watch the PTA80 out on the water – with a narrow, crowded harbor, the precise maneuvering of the vessel was an impressive sight,” reported Andrea Piccione.

The Volvo Penta crew

The Volvo Penta team


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