Penultimate stopover for the PTA80

The PTA80’s second-to-last stopover in Split, Croatia, attracted attendees from across Southeastern Europe. Visitors traveled from far and wide to attend the PTA80’s penultimate stopover in Split, Croatia, with guests from Hungary and Bulgaria driving over twenty hours to attend the first day of seminars.

PTA80 in Split, Croatia

PTA80 moored in Split City Harbour, Croatia

Many aboard the PTA80 during sea trials were initially unconvinced by her precise maneuvering capabilities—until the vessel moored at a 60-degree angle between two multi-million-euro yachts. Although many feared that this tricky positioning would end in disaster, the captain and crew managed to moor the PTA80 without a hitch. The Hansson brothers, Thomas and Tobias, will leave the PTA80 on her second day in Split, handing over the reins to Niclas Ebentbratt and Stefan Heineras. The new crew take over the second day of sea trials and will drive the boat from Split to Venice for a three day event first before heading for Lavrio in Greece, traveling through the Corinthian Channel en route.


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