PTA80 makes a splash in Venice

Italy’s floating city provided a spectacular backdrop to the Volvo Penta IPS Med trip.

medtrip_veniceThere’s an old saying in the Veneto region of Italy: All true Venetians are born with the ability to swim. Venice’s complex and intricate connections to water are renowned and stretch back centuries, making the ‘floating city’ a cornerstone of maritime history.

It was this aspect that made the Venice stopover an extra special one for the PTA80 and her crew. “It’s a beautiful city,” noted Volvo Penta product manager Andrea Piccione. “What better place to take our Med trip?”

The sea trials and seminars were some of the most successful yet, with a fantastic turn-out from many different potential customers, who made the journey from around the region to learn more about Volvo Penta IPS. With the Italian sun shimmering overhead, the PTA80 and her crew took to the open waters just off the island.

“The region boasts a thriving marine network,” Andrea says. “Our customers here have a real affinity for water, and I think that’s why the stopover was such a positive one.”

Visitors were highly impressed by the comfortable ride afforded by Volvo Penta IPS, not least because many were used to noisy or vibrating systems. With fire brigades, coastguards, shipyard investors and ferry boat operators in attendance, Volvo Penta IPS really rocked the boat in Venice.


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