PTA80 finally leaves Lavrio

The PTA80 departed from Lavrio, Greece, this week, bringing the Volvo Penta IPS Med trip to a close – but we couldn’t end the blog without a final look back at everything this journey achieved.

Although this year’s journey will be the PTA80’s last tour around Europe — following the Channel trip last year and the Baltic trip in 2011 — the vessel leaves behind an important legacy.

Each of the Volvo Penta IPS trips has highlighted the benefits of using a hands-on approach to marketing and advertising the unique benefits of the inboard propulsion system. Especially within Volvo Penta’s Marine Commercial sector, the try-before-you-buy approach has played a huge part in allowing the company to present itself as a key player within the professional market.

“At the Seawork exhibition in Southampton this summer, we noticed significant growth in the number of boats fitted with Volvo Penta IPS compared to last year’s show,” Jan-Willem Vissers, Sales Director for Marine Commercial Europe, explains. “This lines up with the positive feedback we’ve been receiving from European customers who appreciate Volvo Penta’s efforts to bring the product to them. Something is obviously working.

“For me, the high point was hearing about the four Bulgarian customers who attended the stopover in Split, Croatia,” he continues. “The fact that they drove over 20 hours to be a part of the Volvo Penta IPS Med trip shows how popular this event really is.”

The unexpected stopover in Lavrio meant that participation at sea trials and seminars could be extended even further. Despite customers from Israel and Turkey being unable to attend due to the short-notice, initial interest from these regions was significant, proving that customers keen to experience Volvo Penta IPS extend beyond Europe.

Although the Med trip is now over, with no more scheduled tours planned for the region, Europe will continue to benefit from pin-pointed activities designed to continue targeting potential customers — proving that the practical approach works best when it comes to showcasing Volvo Penta IPS.



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