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Late weekend greetings from the citrus isle

The PTA80 and her crew pull into the bustling port of Messina for two more successful trials – and a taste of Sicilian cuisine. 

The stopover in Messina began in true Sicilian fashion with a relaxed breakfast of granite al caffé con panna and briochas. Then it was off to the local sailing society club house for a presentation on the IPS and its many benefits. As there were no reference points outside the harbor on the open sea, the joystick maneuvering and docking demonstrations were carried out within the narrow harbor among the many fishing boats moored to the walls. The local fishermen were fascinated to see the 22m-long PTA80 moving sideways and rotating within a mere few feet of the other boats and mooring lines!

Volvo Penta IPS med trip stopover Sicily

Volvo Penta IPS med trip stopover Sicily

Despite a strike which prevented a number of customers and senior Volvo Penta staff in Milan from attending the Riposto trials, two successful rounds were carried out in Messina on Friday and a follow-up test run for a Sicilian ferry operator on Saturday. They were well attended by representatives from the Volvo Penta Center, as well as local charter companies, yacht builders and ferry operators. Needless to say, they were all very impressed. One attendee couldn’t believe how easily the PTA80 maneuvered without a bowthruster. Another, so pleased with the performance of the vessel and the Volvo Penta IPS, asked if he could buy the boat!

With another strong performance under her belt, the PTA80 prepares to leave Messina – no doubt with a cargo of delicious Sicilian oranges and lemons – swapping the Ionian Sea for the Adriatic. She will next make port in Montenegro and Croatia, stopover Budva on June 4th, before heading back to Italy.

The show must go on

Sicily’s fiery volcano, Etna, fails to deter the PTA80 and her crew from continuing on their Mediterranean voyage.

Med trip stopover in Porto dell’Etna

Med trip Stopover in Porto dell’Etna

Situated on the eastern coast of Sicily, the 500,000-year-old active volcano Etna provides a striking backdrop to the Med trip’s eighth stopover in Porto dell’Etna. Existing in an almost constant state of activity, Etna frequently forces local authorities to display red signs that indicate the volcano is in imminent danger of erupting.

Coping with natural hazards is becoming something of a routine for the PTA80 – only last week the Med trip was brought to an abrupt halt when dangerously strong winds and severe storms forced the vessel and her crew to make an emergency stop at the south-west Corsican port of Propriano.

But for the PTA80 the show must go on. Despite red signs, this stopover will still be a perfect opportunity for customers from Messina and Catania to test the capabilities of the Volvo Penta IPS.